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In today's society, no matter how advanced technology and intellectual knowledge are, the company's moving method is the most efficient and fast, but it is not the quality of the moving house. If you want to find a cheaper move, It is not difficult for a housing company. But do you think that the effect of moving the house will satisfy you? It’s not always happening to move home. It’s only once in three years, why not find a moving house that has reasonable fees and is beyond imagination! The general charges of the company are on this website.
As for another question that everyone wants to know, it is about the tipping problem. The answer is that you are satisfied with the reward. However, I often hear some moving houses increase the price in the middle. In fact, the surcharge and the tip are two different things.
1:Tips are an extra reward because our employees already have a salary
2:The increase in fees means that when the new home is reached, the truck will be parked or the building design problem will increase the difficulty of moving the house. Therefore, the so-called surcharge will be increased because we only know the current location. The situation of the goods, and we will not go to your new home inspection (unless it is close), the two really do have big differences, please don't make a mistake.