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Terms and Conditions of office moving service

1. Please mark down the total number of each items in advance.

2. Please choose the closest size if the size in the quotation does not match wtih the actual item size, variation of the price will not be in a big difference.

3. The total number of carton boxes can be adjusted on the moving day, hence the price will be adjusted too. (a size of 21"x14.5"x14.5" carton box can approximately contain 6-7 box files)

4. The online quotation service is reference only. All actual fees and quotation should be confirmed by our staff through on-site quotation.

5. Online quotation does not include installation fee for screen and moving rail.

6. All computer screens must be packed in carton boxes, EA is not responsible for any computer screen damages if the screens are not packed.

7. The quotation does not include any tunnel fees and car parking fees.

Agree and Enter Make an on-site appointment